Animal teeth: Handouts and Worksheets

Here are some handy guides and worksheets to download and explore at home, or in the classroom!

Animal teeth come in all shapes and sizes. This worksheet will teach kids about different animals and how they use their teeth!

Los dientes de animales vienen en todas las formas y tamaños. Esta hoja de trabajo enseñará a los niños sobre los diferentes animales y cómo usan los dientes.

This handout has fun facts about various animals and their teeth.

Este papel tiene datos divertidos sobre varios animales y sus dientes.

Animal tongues can be as weird and wonderful as the animals they belong to! This handout has information on awesome animal tongues, and a list of tongue twisters for kids to try out.

This fun fact sheet has more information about animal teeth, but also compares how human teeth are similar or different!

Scout the Llama has some fun chats and letters to share, where he and his friends talk about their “wild” teeth!

Scout la llama tiene algunas charlas y cartas divertidas para compartir, donde él y sus amigos hablan sobre sus dientes “salvajes”.