Oral Health and Overall Health

Your mouth is full of many kinds of microorganisms, including bacteria. Thankfully, most of them are harmless, and practicing good oral hygiene can help reduce the amount of bad bacteria in your mouth. In this video, kids will learn why the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and low birth weight is greater for people who also have gum disease. 

Discussion Questions

How can poor dental health affect your overall health?
What are some things that gum disease has been connected to?
How many times a day should you brush and floss? 

Three Reasons Kids should Visit the Dentist Early

Kids should visit the dentist early and often. When kids visit the dentist from a young age, they get the chance to learn about taking care of their smiles in kid-friendly terms. In this video, kids will learn three reasons why they should visit the dentist.

Discussion Questions

At what age do experts recommend scheduling the first dental visit?
What are some of the benefits of visiting the dentist at a young age?
When was the first time you when to the dentist?

The Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are only around for a short time. So, it’s easy to assume that they aren’t important because they fall out and are replaced by new ones. But they ARE really important. They have a long-term effect on a child’s development and healthy smile.

Discussion Questions

Why are baby teeth important?
What are 3 things that baby teeth help young children with?
When should a child first visit the dentist? 

Oral Health Tips for Kids from a Registered Dental Hygienist

In this video, kids will learn directly from a current registered dental hygienist all about some of the best ways they can take care of their teeth and mouth. Establishing a good oral hygiene routine when you’re young, like brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist, can help you avoid problems like cavities later on. 

Discussion Questions

When does oral health begin?
Why is it important for parents to wipe down a baby’s mouth, even when they don’t have any teeth?
Why is it important for children to have a morning and evening oral hygiene routine?


The Mouth and Body Connection: Tips from a Dental Hygienist

Many oral diseases can influence health conditions outside your mouth and vice versa. The relationship between your mouth and the rest of your body is called the ‘mouth-body connection.’ In this video, kids will learn directly from a registered dental hygienist about some of the best ways they can take care of their teeth and mouth and why there is such a big connection between their mouth and the rest of their body.

Discussion Questions

What is the most important thing that a dentist or hygienist does during an oral exam?
How many conditions and diseases can be identified by doing an oral exam?
What are some ways to protect your mouth and overall health? 

What Your Family History says about Your Teeth

DNA affects everything from our skin and hair color to our height and shoe size, but it can also affect how brilliant of a smile we have. That’s because when it comes to your oral health, your own family history might play a role. In addition to your own oral health habits and lifestyle factors, your own genetics can also impact your oral health.

Discussion Questions

Can genetics influence the health of your smile?
Why is it important to have a good oral health routine?
Is your oral health similar to your family members oral health? 

Life Stages of Oral Health

Your oral health changes throughout your entire life. From birth to the later years of life, there are special concerns you should know about related to your oral health. In THIS PLAYLIST, you will find videos that talk about oral health needs throughout all stages of life.

Read Across America

In this series of videos celebrating Read Across America and created by Delta Dental associates and their families, kids will listen to fun stories about going to the dentist, brushing and flossing, and teeth! In THIS PLAYLIST you’ll find videos of fun books about visiting the dentist!