Animal Teeth: Handouts & Worksheets

Animal Smiles

Animal teeth come in all shapes and sizes. This worksheet will teach kids about different animals and how they use their teeth!

Fun Facts

This handout has fun facts about various animals and their teeth.

Animal Tongues & Tongue Twisters

Animal tongues can be as weird and wonderful as the animals they belong to! This handout has information on awesome animal tongues, and a list of tongue twisters for kids to try out.

Animal Instincts

This fun fact sheet has more information about animal teeth, but also compares how human teeth are similar or different!

Keep In Touch

Scout the Llama has some fun chats and letters to share, where he and his friends talk about their “wild” teeth!

Taking Care of Your Pet’s Smile

Animal teeth are just as important as your teeth. Check out what Buddy, Flossie and their pals want you to know about their smiles, and how to maintain a healthy smile!

Buddy’s Teeth

Let’s learn a little about Buddy and his teeth through his Dog Blog!