Category: Brushing & Flossing

Learn tips from the pros! Dental hygienists will share their strategies for angling toothbrushes, brushing techniques, gum care, and spotting problems on teeth.

Toothbrush Wreath

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023

What can you do with a toothbrush you’re no longer using? Luckily there are many DIY crafts and activities that use old toothbrushes. In this video, kids will learn how to recycle their old toothbrushes to make a decorative wreath they can hang in their room, their school, or anywhere that could use a little […]

Stained Enamel Egg-Speriment!

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023

Did you know that sports drinks can dye your teeth blue, green, or red? The acidity from these drinks can weaken your tooth enamel—that’s the hard outer part of your teeth—and make them more prone to staining. Yikes! In this video, kids will learn what happens when an egg dyed with a blue sports drink […]

How to Brush Your Teeth

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered if you’re brushing your teeth the right way? Even if you brush and floss twice a day, your technique could be negatively impacting your oral health. In this video, kids will learn the basics of brushing and will get a breakdown of how to correctly brush their teeth in five steps […]

Brushing & Flossing: Handouts and Worksheets

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023

Here are some handy guides and worksheets to download and explore at home, or in the classroom! Take a look at this worksheet to review how much toothpaste you should be using depending on your age. English and Spanish step by step instructions on how to brush and floss. Follow these steps to help keep […]