Mouth Safety – Handouts and Worksheets

Here are some handy guides and worksheets to download and explore at home, or in the classroom!

Good Oral Health While Camping

Tips on how to brush, floss and keep your mouth healthy while you are camping, RVing, or away from home during the summer.

Play It Safe

When playing sports make sure you are keeping your smile safe by wearing a mouth guard. Let’s connect the dots to see what sport this athlete is playing.

Mouthguard Madness

Mouth guards are pretty cool. Let’s look at the different activities and circle the activities that require a mouth guard.

Guard Your Teeth

Brushing isn’t the only way to take care of your teeth. You should also protect them while playing sports. Check out this worksheet to learn more about mouth guards.

Where Should You Keep Your Toothbrush?

You use your toothbrush everyday twice a day, so let’s make sure you follow these tips to keep your toothbrush clean.

Te cepillas los dientes dos veces al día, por lo cual asegúrate de seguir estos consejos para mantener limpio tu cepillo de dientes.

Keep Your Guard Up

Test your skills and circle Yes or No if you should be wearing your mouth guard during the sports or activities listed on this worksheet. Design your own mouth guard with the template provided.

Pon a prueba tus habilidades y pon un círculo para indicar Sí o No debes usar el protector bucal cuando practicas los deportes o actividades que se enumeran en esta hoja de trabajo. Diseña tu propio protector bucal con el patrón.

Be On Guard

Finley Firebreather and Skyler Singlehorn are making sure they are protecting their teeth while playing soccer and skating by wearing their mouth guards. Children use their fine motor skills and artistic skills while coloring this worksheet.

Finley Firebreather y Skyler Singlehorn se aseguran de protegerse los dientes con usar sus protectores bucales mientras juegan al fútbol y patinan. Los niños usan sus habilidades motoras finas y habilidades artísticas mientras colorean esta hoja de trabajo.

Guard Your Mouth

Scott the Llama has some tips for you. Go through the tips and circle what items you should take with you to protect your smile.

Scott la llama tiene algunos consejos para ti. Revisa los consejos y pon un círculo para indicar los artículos que debes llevar contigo para proteger la sonrisa.

When Should I Wear My Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are not just for one sport, they can be worn for many sports and activities. Try to find all the sports and activities in this word search. Which would require a mouth guard?

Los protectores bucales no son solo para un deporte, se pueden usar para muchos deportes y actividades. Busca todos los deportes y actividades en esta búsqueda de palabras. ¿Cuáles requerirían un protector bucal?