Nutrition and Your Smile : Handouts and Worksheets

Here are some handy guides and worksheets to download and explore at home, or in the classroom!

Test The Water

We all need water to keep our teeth and body healthy. Take this quiz to see how much you know about water.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Planet

Check out this worksheet for tips on how to take care of the earth while taking care of your smile.

Water, Water Everywhere

Scott the llama has some very important information about water and our smile.

The Road to Good Oral Health

Follow the road to the toothbrush, but be careful not to take a wrong turn. You might end up at a road block to good oral health.

Sugar Shock

Try this quick experiment to check out how much sugar is in the items listed. Don’t forget to test your skills by putting a circle on the item that contains less sugar.

Mouth-Friendly Doughnuts

Doughnuts are tasty but are also very sugary, which can cause cavities. Try this healthier version by using apple slices.

Dash to the Dentist

Help John get to his dental appointment. Make sure not to take a wrong turn to any of the cavity causing distractions along the way.

Where’s the Sugar?

Did you know that what you eat and drink may have more sugar than you think. Let’s take a look to find out which foods and drinks can cause cavities.

The Magic of Fluoride

Let’s learn about fluoride and why it’s good for your teeth. This worksheet provides an explanation of what fluoride is, where is comes from and why it’s good for your teeth.

Cheese is Grate for Your Teeth

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! Learn some fun facts about cheese and how to make your very own mini-cheese pizza.

Apple Monster Mouths

Apples are not only delicious, but also very healthy for your teeth. Remember snack time doesn’t have to be boring or even unhealthy. Try this mouth-friendly recipe to create apple monster mouths.

Healthy Foods, Healthy Smile!

Healthy foods equal a healthy smile. Check out this worksheet to see if you can identify mouth-friendly foods. Children use their fine motor skills and artistic skills while coloring this worksheet.

Scooter Snacks

Combine snack time with playtime to create a mouth-friendly scooter snack. This activity is not only fun, but also very yummy

Packing the Perfect Lunch

When it comes time to pack a lunch, there are so many food and drink choices. Look at the worksheet and circle the ones that help you keep a healthy smile.

Apple Snails

Snack Time! Here is a fun and creative snack idea. Make an apple snail with just five ingredients.

Shop with a Robot

Go shopping with a robot who has been programmed to help you shop for some healthy food. This fun game can be played with two or more players.

Frozen Yogurt Buttons

A mouth-friendly recipe that only requires one ingredient. Try these frozen yogurt buttons. Be creative and have fun!

A Rainbow of Foods

Skyler loves to eat healthy food. Check out his food rainbow that will keep your smile healthy. Make your own rainbow of foods by cutting out or drawing some colorful foods on the plate provided.

Skyler Singlehorn’s Favorite Smoothie

Try out Skyler Singlehorn’s favorite smoothie. This recipe is not only cool but also does wonders for your mouth.

Scout’s Trail Mix

When heading out on an adventure, make sure to take some snacks with you. Scout invented a tasty snack that you can take along with you. Check out Scout’s trail mix recipe.

Milk is Magical

Who knew how magical milk could be? Try this experiment to see just how magical it is with only need a few ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen.

Shop for your Smile

Here is a fun board game that you can play with your friends. Buddy and Flossie will help you find healthy products for your smile, but make sure to watch out for those products that are not good for your teeth.

Buddy’s Peanut Butter Berry Pops

Here is a healthy and refreshing treat you can make at home. You can make it anytime, but it is perfect for hot, summer days.

The Acid Test

Sugar is not the only thing that can harm your teeth. Foods that are full of acid like lemons can also hurt the enamel of your teeth. Try this experiment to see which foods contain a lot of acid.